100% of your tax-deductible donation will go directly back to Sandpiper!

We are excited about the coming school year! To support our school, our MAJOR FUNDRAISER THIS YEAR will be our...

Direct Giving Week, Date TBD

We will show our school spirit with theme days and celebrate our success with our Glow Party School Spirit Dance!

Last year we raised $51,000!  These funds will help to cover our annual  PTO operating budget to provide all of the programming and events listed below. Your previous generous donations have helped with much needed Library upgrades. This year, we would like to purchase a new reading program that will benefit the whole school as well as technology upgrades for the school and distance learning needs. 

Our Direct Giving campaign is simple: We ask that you donate directly to the PTO to support the many needs of our school and students. Our all-volunteer PTO fully funds many educational programs and events to offer them for FREE. We help to provide funding for supplies, programs and events that the School District doesn’t. We are also responsible for many of the Family Events at school, including Glow Party, Hoedown and Carnival. 

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Class Prizes:

Class prizes are TBD once in-person learning resumes.

ALL donations count! No donation is too small!

​Please reach out to family and friends and let them know about the amazing school your child attends! Ask them to donate today! We need your continued support to make Sandpiper such a great place to learn! 

Two Ways to Donate:

​​​​1) Cash or Check: Send cash in an envelope marked “Sandpiper PTO” or a check made payable to “Sandpiper PTO” to school with your child. Their homeroom teachers will collect these envelopes or you can drop them at the main office.

2) Online Donation: Donate online through the "Donate Button" below. On the next page you'll be able to enter a donation amount.After selecting your payment type, on the following screen, please enter your child's name and teacher where it says "Student's Name and Teacher." Please note, PayPal charges the Sandpiper PTO a processing fee for online donations.

100% of your donation goes directly to Sandpiper.  

Sandpiper PTO is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Donation amounts will be confidential.
***This donation is NOT part of the Tax Credit!***  But it IS Tax Deductible!
Thank you for your support!

​​​​​Teacher Grants

The largest single item of the PTO budget goes to our Teacher Grants. Every teacher at Sandpiper is given grant money to reimburse them for necessary items for their classrooms. The district provides very little for our kids’ classrooms. With your generous support, we will reimburse $19,325 to our committed teachers to build our classrooms. Our teachers express their deep thanks for this ongoing support. 

Here is what some of our teachers had to say about Teacher Grants:

Mrs. Morales, Honors Teacher:
I feel so blessed to work at a school with so much parent support! I am so excited this year to be able to use my PTO Teacher Grant money for new novels, flexible seating, math tools and supplemental curriculum that make learning more interactive, fun, and engaging!

Miss Cocca, 5rd Grade Teacher:
I have used my money to help build the flexible seating in my classroom so that students are able to sit in a spot where they can best learn. I also used the money to purchase bins and materials to make math task cards so that students are able to do math hands-on instead of only having access to worksheets. Thank you for making it possible to have a welcoming and warm classroom where students can learn in different ways and in different environments!

Sra. Giardina, 1st Grade Teacher: 
I used the money to buy math manipulatives and "games" to facilitate math concepts. I also used the Grant money to buy Spanish bulletin boards and Science materials. Thank you so much!

Miss Adam, 4th Grade Teacher: 
I am extremely appreciative for the PTO grant money. I have been able to upgrade my classroom by purchasing flexible seating for my students, providing them with a safe way to move at their own spots when they are learning. I have also been able to purchase Spanish books to diversify my classroom library in order to encourage my students to appreciate reading in both languages.

Mrs Winden, 6th Grade Teacher: 
Thanks to the PTO I was able to get lap boards for the kids to be working on wherever they decide to sit in the classroom. I was also able to get new book bins to organize the picture books in my classroom library. I also purchased a new pencil sharpener that is non-electric that the kids have really enjoyed so far going back to the old school way of sharpening pencils. I also was able to get an Alexa for the classroom that allows me to play music while the kids are working, set timers and reminders as well. Thanks to the PTO for their continued support!  

Sra. Little, Kindergarten Teacher:
Thanks to PTO, I decorated my classroom with Spanish words and posters. I've also purchased new Spanish games and number puzzles. I organized one of my cubbies with color-coded tubs for easier access for my students. I've also purchased Spanish materials from Teachers pay Teachers. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making life easier. I greatly appreciate it!

Mrs. Emch, 1st Grade Teacher:
The Teacher Grant allows me to create fun, educational lessons for the students. I use my Teacher Grant for books, puzzles, educational words games, puppets for story time, jump ropes, balls, hula hoops, toys for treasure box, props for stories and Teachers Pay Teachers for lessons and activities. Thank you PTO!

Mrs. Cochell, Reading Teacher:
I have used part of my grant each year to add new books to my classroom library. Having the newest, latest, and greatest books in my library has helped my students become excited about books, and grow a love for reading that can last a lifetime. Thank you PTO!  

Spirit Days:

Direct Giving Week is also Spirit Week! Show your Sandpiper Spirit with these dress-up days:

Monday, TBD: Crazy Socks Day

Tuesday, TBD: Crazy Hair Day

Wednesday, TBD: Wear Sandpiper Blue

Thursday, TBD: Sport Shirts / Hats Day

​Friday, TBD: Wear Neon Day

Direct Giving to Sandpiper

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Corporate Match: 

Does your employer offer a company match for any donations you make? If so, contact us and we'd be happy to give you whatever information you need to receive credit for your donation!


Suggested Donations:

ANY and ALL amounts are appreciated, regardless of size! If every student could collect $100 we would reach our fundraising goal for the year! ALL donation amounts will be confidential!