Because of your generous donations, the Sandpiper PTO is able to FULLY FUND the following:

Educational Programs and Events

The PTO fully funds many educational programs and events to offer them for FREE.

(Family events $2500 + listed)
• BooHoo Breakfast
• Donuts with Dad
• Variety Show
• Sock Hop
• Muffins with Mom
• Bingo Night
• Art Masterpiece
• Read-In Night

In addition, the PTO fully funds these programs:
• Art Show $550
• MARE Week $3000
• Garden Club $500
• Accelerated Reader (AR) $4000

Teacher Grants

The largest single item of the PTO budget goes to our Teacher Grants. Every teacher at Sandpiper is given grant money to reimburse them for necessary items for their classrooms. The district provides very little for our kids' classrooms. With your generous support, we reimbursed $11,225 to our committed teachers to build our classrooms. Our teachers express their deep thanks for this ongoing support.

Here is what some of our teachers had to say about Teacher Grants:

Jodie Ozlanski, Art Teacher:

I am so grateful for my Sandpiper Teacher Grant! As a new teacher to Sandpiper last year, starting up a new art room, I really appreciated the extra financial assistance of my classroom grant. With that money, I bought classroom decorations, organizational containers for each art table, and even 200 pounds of clay to make our beautiful ceramic masterpieces! It's also nice to know, that if I find I unexpectedly run out of basic supplies like markers, I can purchase those on my own any day after school and have them ready for my artists the very next day! I appreciate that extra insurance so much and I know our students do as well. They definitely have what they need in the Sandpiper art room. Thank you PTO from the bottom of my heart!

Mrs. Ronz, STEM Teacher:
I am very grateful for the money that PTO directs to the STEM classroom each year. This helps me purchase materials for the students to use in our many hands-on projects. Most things are simple such as straws and masking tape to build our Straw Towers or paint and eggs to complete our Egg Crash Car project. It has also funded new mice and keyboards for our computer lab, non-fiction books for read alouds with the students, and a classroom set of Snap Circuits to learn about electricity. I am very grateful to work with a PTO that greatly reduces the amount of my own personal money spent on the classroom. Thank you very much for the money and the support, it truly makes a difference!

Jenna Kull, 6th Grade Teacher:
I am so grateful for the PTO and have used the money for a variety of things. At the beginning of the year, since I moved classrooms, some of the money went for borders, bins, and supplies for redecorating. I also used some of it for items to help my students learn better such as an exercise ball. Lastly, I used it for educational items from Teachers Pay Teachers. These resources make lessons more engaging for the students. Thanks so much for all you do!

Kerry Burns, 1st Grade Teacher:
I want to express my gratitude for your generous donations toward our "teacher funds" at Sandpiper this year. Having money allocated towards student and teacher materials allows me to make the best instructional choices for students. This year I have used my teacher money to buy borders and paper to create a welcoming and functional classroom environment for my students. I have also purchased instructional materials on "Teachers Pay Teachers" to make learning more student-centered and hands on. In my past professional experience as a teacher, we did not have the structured support that we have here, so I am even more grateful for all you provide us. Thank you for helping teachers put students first!

Professional Development PTO Grant

We also support our teachers with a $2000 Professional Development PTO Grant. Recently, we sent teachers to the Columbia Writing Program training in New York and the Spanish Language Curriculum Conference in California. Without PTO funds, our teachers could not bring these valuable skills and resources to their peers or our students.

Here is what some of our teachers had to say about the Professional Development PTO Grants:

Heidi Rossow, 4th Grade Teacher:
​I'm so appreciative of our wonderful PTO for allowing Tani Eley and myself to attend the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project held at Columbia University in New York. This one week training focused on writing has opened my eyes up to a new way of how I teach writing. By meeting teachers from all across the world I was able to learn new ideas that I will also be able to incorporate into the classroom. I can't wait to see the students' words come alive on paper! 

Maggie Clark, 3rd Grade Teacher:
​I would like to express my gratitude to our amazing PTO for helping me attend the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University in New York. I was able to attend the one week training for reading that has helped me plan curricula, renew how I teach reading, and most importantly, encourage our students to lead rich and literate lives. I met teachers from across the globe that introduced me to new ideas and shared what they were doing in their schools and classrooms.

Since implementing the reader's workshop, I have seen students increase in their ability to read and love of books. Students' reading scores have also been a great source of proof that this training was worth every penny.

Lupita Stewart, 3rd Grade Teacher:
The grant money provided Vicki Saylor and myself the opportunity to attend a language conference in San Diego.  The ACTFL (American Council of Teachers Foreign Language) organization supports teachers with many valuable resources for teaching a world language.
We met foreign language instructors from all over the world and learn the many strategies and best practices in foreign language instruction.  We brought back valuable information from the workshops and seminars and we shared that information with our FLITE colleagues.  We previewed the many vendors that were on site and found two Spanish immersion curriculums that we are adopting here at Sandpiper.  
At the conference we attended seminars on accessing students, new methods and programs that can be used at the elementary level.  One of the seminars, Real Language  demonstrated the use of this program and provided research that supported it's success. We both use this program (thanks to PTO for purchasing it). The format and lessons are enjoyed by the students.  

Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Victoria Saylor, 5th Grade Teacher:
I attended the ACTFL (American Council on  the Teaching of Foreign Languages) conference in November 2015 with the support of Sandpiper PTO.  The conference was held in San Diego, CA and I was fortunate to attend for three days alongside with over 6,000 language educators from all languages, levels and assignments.  The conference featured over 700 educational sessions and offered different formats, making it interesting and effective.  I attended sessions that focused on new programs, technology, emerging trends in language instruction, research and data as well as sessions demonstrating techniques and language lessons.  I was also able to visit vendors from over 250 companies that specialize in language acquisition or language instruction.  It is there that I was able to bring back samples and suggest a Spanish curriculum for Sandpiper to adopt.  We now are in the process of getting everything set up using Santillana as our adopted Spanish curriculum and are using it with our FLITE students.
I learned so much and was inspired from the sessions I attended and the key speakers and presenters I heard.  Working alongside other educators who are just as passionate about language as I am gave me a renewed sense of confidence that what we are doing at Sandpiper is right on target to what other Spanish Immersion programs are offering. This motivated me further to improve our program and supported the desire for continuous professional development and growth.   If I could go every year I would!  It is a wonderful opportunity and provided me with such key learning and understanding.  I was able to bring back what I learned to my FLITE team and principal and start using ideas and strategies right away.  This was one of the best experiences I have had in my professional career and I hope to be able to attend another ACTFL conference again.  

Thank you for such a great investment in our teachers at Sandpiper and for your support of FLITE!

And More!

Our all volunteer PTO runs all these programs plus offers our Hoe Down, Carnival, and Family Nights. We provide additional supplies to our specials teachers for Art, PE, and Music. We purchase technology for STEM, classroom, and student use.

Please reach out to family and friends and let them know about the amazing school your child attends! Ask them to donate today! We need your continued support to make Sandpiper such a great place to learn! 

Suggested Donations:

​​$20 - Way to Go!
$40 - Double Awesome
$67.24* - Sandpiper's Street Address
$120 - $10 per Month of School in a Year (One-time Payment)
$180 - $1 per Day of School in a Year (One-time Payment)
$500 - Family Sponsor
$1000 - Grade Sponsor

*If every student at Sandpiper was able to raise $67.24 in donations, the Sandpiper PTO would be able to fully fund all of our programs this school year!

3 Ways to Donate:

​​​​1) Cash or Check: Send cash in an envelope marked “Sandpiper PTO” or a check made payable to “Sandpiper PTO” to school with your child. Their homeroom teachers will collect these envelopes or you can drop them at the main office.

2) Online Donation: Donate online through the "Donate Button" below. On the next page you'll be able to enter a donation amount. After selecting your payment type, on the following screen, please enter your child's name and teacher where it says "Student's Name and Teacher." Please note, PayPal charges the Sandpiper PTO a processing fee for online donations.

3) In-Person Donation: Pay by Credit Card at a PTO table before or after school.

100% of your donation goes directly to Sandpiper.  Sandpiper PTO is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Donation amounts will be confidential.

***This donation is NOT part of the Tax Credit!***
​But it IS Tax Deductible!

Thank you for your support!

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